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The Borgen publishing frm brings out her book “Paper-
making 1 - Handmade Paper.”
We can date the frst work of her mature period with the
creation of “Swan Feathers” in 1986. This piece packs
extraordinary affect into a rather abstract structure. The
quills have a strictly structural purpose as spines to attach the
handmade paper elements; yet they carry a metaphorical
charge, allowing the paper to take on some of the qualities of
wings. And it is just a short fight of fancy for the viewer to be
carried off on the wings of desire.
“Abaca Sheets” also dates from 1986.
Though it continues the formal commitment to paper as
medium rather than pictorial surface, it is a new departure,
for affect and allusion have been eschewed for a more mini-
malist approach. Composed of nine large panels of plexiglass
and paper made by the artist, the ensemble was designed to
hang as a set of free-foating walls in a large indoor space.
Here we see Vilsbøll’s ability to make large scale work and
to intervene graciously in an architectural space. She has
used a subtle play of color, transparency and whiteness to
occupy and animate a vacant cold hall without denaturing its
Abaca Sheets, Gentofte Art Library, 1986
Swan Feathers, 1986