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Breaking Barriers
“Few Danish artists have mastered the artistry and crafts-
manship that Anne Vilsbøll so uniquely combines in the art
of painting on handmade paper. A number have made the
attempt, but few have carried on, because the working process
is lengthy and diffcult. It can only be achieved through the
acquisition of a technical insight, which is gained through
years of experiments, and demands extraordinary patience,
but in recent years the results achieved by Anne Vilsbøll show
great personal strength, so that her imagery is expressed
with a sensitivity to colour that goes far beyond the norm for
Danish art. She has broken barriers.
To wander briefy through an exhibition of her work is to do
it less than justice. One has to dwell on her art, to take careful
note of details, the relations between forms, the movement of
lines and a depth and glow in the colours - blue within blue,
and ochre beyond ochre. These paintings do not insist. Quite
opposite, there is a hushed silence, which has its source in the
artist’s calm conviction that her dreams are coming through.
The struggle, the labour and the energy spent have not been
in vain.
Anne Vilsbøll has many talents. She is known in art circles
throughout Scandinavia as a pioneer in working with
handmade paper. Her world - wide travels to study the
making of paper of varying thicknesses, surface structure
and transparency - is unparalleled. Through the courses she
has held, and the books and articles she has published, many
have benefted from the knowledge, she has gained. And even
though she has kept a secret or two for herself, she has been
open-handed and helpful. In this respect her education and
her natural ability to communicate with others have undoubt-
edly been a great asset.”
Extract from “Breaking Barriers” by art critic H.P. Jensen in the
catalogue “Made in Water”, 1994.