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Life of a King - Homage to Christian IV, 200 x 750 cm, 1995-96, handmade paper, pigment and oil on canvas
Donated to Sct. Knuds Gymnasium, Odense by Fynske Frimureres Fond 1998. The painting was exhibited in Rundetårn and at
Esbjerg Art Museum, before it was installed at Sct. Knuds Gymnasium
Several Danish paper mills were erected by permission of
King Christian IV. He was highly instrumental in the intro-
duction and development of the papermaking trade in
Denmark. The year 1996 is the 400th anniversary of the
coronation of King Christian IV - but it is also the 400th
anniversary for the period during which Denmark had the
greatest number of paper mills.
Inasmuch as King Christian IV was a remarkable person in
many other areas as well, the painting is a tribute to him.