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MIMICRY 1983 - 84
Mimicry, renovated doll’s house
Exhibition at Krasnapolsky, 1984
Interior of doll’s house. Handmade
wallpapers and hand-painted toy animals
Anne - 32 years old, painting toy animals
Anne - 4 years old, playing with toy animals
The house was renovated, ftted with green neon on the roof
and grass where green tigers lived. The rooms were decorated
with my handmade paper, and the toy animals were painted
in the colours of the wallpaper. The animals were given the
colour of their surroundings.
The assimilation process during which animals or human
beings are absorbed and integrated in their surroundings is an
ever-recurring motif in my work.
After my return in 1983 from the USA where I had learned
to make paper, I was interested in creating spaces that objects
could become absorbed and disappear into.
To begin with I moulded handmade sheets of paper out of
cotton mixed with industrially produced paper such as pools
coupons, photos, stamps or feathers, bindis, plastic, leather
etc., to create small pieces of wallpaper for the very large
doll’s house that my father built for me when I was three, and
which I always inhabited with animals when I was a little girl.