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“The author Karen Blixen said that it is not through the
face, but through the mask you will get to know people. The
suite of paintings Anne Vilsbøll created for the exhibitions
”Between the Lines” and “La Lionne” are based on her fasci-
nation of human beings and on the author Karen Blixen as
well as on the fact that the real meaning behind a mask is that
you can be naked. All great art is a play with masks, every-
thing is symbols, everything is pictures.
A paradoxial meeting between two women, the great story-
teller and the painter who most of all wanted to tell a story,
and who works with colour and form on the basis of the
conceptions created by Blixen. It is not only a literary trans-
formation - of the written word into a wordless painting
- but just as much the poet’s words interpreted through the
sensitive mind of a different artist.
Karen Blixen defnes the identity of a lion hunter as being
one that compares with the greatest of challenges and yields
to its destiny. Undeniably a magnifcent vision, a challenge for
the whole of human life, but hardly attainable in the everyday
life that is the lot of most people. However, in the dream-
world of art this must necessarily be the ultimate aim if being
an artist is to make any sense at all. To accept one’s destiny
and unconditionally take up the greatest of challenges. In the
self-understanding of artists next best is always unsatisfactory,
and the pursuit of the ultimate expression is endless. Art only
Outside Time, 105 x 85 cm, 1997, handmade paper, pigments and oil on canvas
Private collection