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Outside Time, 105 x 85 cm, 1997, handmade paper, pigments and oil on canvas
Private collection
gains signifcance through such endeavour. To content oneself
is evidence of a state of stagnation. In other words, routine
which is deadly to art.
Karen Blixen says that lion hunting is a rendezvous. Likewise,
an artist’s confrontation with every new piece of work is
a tempestuous rendezvous with an otherworldly gamut of
emotions, ranging from the highest satisfaction to the deepest
In a former suite of works on the theme of Karen Blixen
(“Between the Lines” ed.) Vilsbøll used the poet’s weakness
for hats as a recognisable symbol in her paintings. Not with
the intention, of course, of depicting the poet’s hat, but in
order to paint the sensation of Blixen. To paint, so to speak,
the whole life of the poet, her convictions and goals into the
painting. This again stresses the painter’s desire to convey, in
a non-linguistic artistic idiom, archetypal emotions on a high
level. These are all emotions that are diffcult to express in
words. The delight to the eye and the desire of the heart that
we may be too embarrassed to put into words in a prosaic
everyday context. A profound, distinct feeling that unexplored
possibilities and passions lie hidden within us, capable of
being released by the words or pictorial expressions of great
Extract from the catalogue text for the exhibition “La Lionne” 1997 by
Jørgen Hansen, MA and art critic at the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten