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My paintings express my desire to gauge my memories - like the animals
who share their instinct for danger. My paintings express my longing for
making the signs formed by my memories measurable. My paintings are
markings - boundary marks that divide my memories into here and now
- before and after. The paintings refect my roaming soul - time and again
I return to the marks that I have left. The paintings are my traces which
converge into roads and paths. Finger-prints, accumulations, engravings,
animals as opposed to humans, instincts as opposed to experiences, me as
opposed to them, to things, nature, culture. My paintings are signs before
language. My paintings are signs in space which untangle from each other
like a plant in its small motionless phases. My paintings are the signs of
my emotions. Paintings between words and shapes. Signs that leave marks
on my memories become my paintings. Signs carved and scratched by
the earth, the wind, the sun, the rain, the sea, by human beings, animals,
signs in the landscape.
My paintings are signs of landscapes that I wish to give a solid character,
expressions of the whirl of memories that I wish to turn into defnite
events. My paintings as registering signs, my paintings as registered
signs. The signs create the net for the wave motions of my memories.
The paintings become regular alternations of force and intensity inter-
changing with free rhythms. The signs divide up time. The signs form
structures. The signs have unlimited possibilities of combination. The
signs organise the rhythm of my memories. The signs organise my time.
The signs continue the time of my memories. My memories are shaped
in the materials of the signs. Memories of mountains, desert, sky, earth,
sea, animals and people shape the signs in hazy blue, dusty grey and
beige, brownish-black and pure white, yellow, red and green colours.
Memories of structure and substance shape the signs in the fbers of the
plant. My paintings are the signs of my senses.
The World of Signs by Anne Vilsbøll, 1984
In the early seventies I studied French and became intensely interested
in the French philosopher Henri Bergson. In his book “Essai sur les
BREMERSVOLD 1983 - 1986
Visible Relics of the Past