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Données Immédiates de la Conscience”, Bergson writes about the sense
of time and especially about interspaces:
“The different perceptions of an object conveyed to me by my different
senses do not jointly create the full image of the object. They remain
separated from one another by interspaces, which indicate in a certain
sense similar gaps in my needs. It is precisely to fll in these interspaces
that the development of the senses is necessary.” (Henri Bergson)
In 1980, this refection motivated me, as a student of “Visual Communi-
cation”, to work with the notion of interspaces for an assignment, where
I developed the idea of constructing a city on the basis of “the idea of
the forest” where the interspaces are dissolved. My cities were clusters,
shaped around trunks of wood and steel. Large transparent nets tied the
trunks together in coherent wholes. The residents might put up walls of
glass, paper, wood or stone as desired.
These refections on different ways of creating wall constructions led
me from working with compact wallpapers, for instance in the Mimicry
project, to becoming interested in structures that transparent sheets of
paper could be stretched onto. At that time I spent long periods of time
at Bremersvold - a ranger’s house in the southern part of the island of
Lolland. Whenever we went for long walks or sails, there were swan
feathers and swans everywhere. I collected the swan feathers in large
bags, removed the feathers and at frst used only the swan quills to create
constructions. Their relationship with paper was important since they
had in former times been used as writing pens. These experiments led
to the creation of wall friezes: a basic frame of swan quills arranged in
the shape of an A with very thin, delicate Abaca paper - paper made of
banana palm fber - glued onto the basic construction. Several A-shapes
could be assembled into indefnite lengths of walls.
My immediate surroundings have always infuenced my work. Along the
beaches of southern Lolland and in the small villages lived fshermen and
hunters. They gave me decoys and small well-boxes, which they used to
catch shrimps, and I used these gems to build installations, all the time
with the purpose of exploring the potential of paper.
I spent my time at Bremersvold testing and examining the durability and
possibilities of paper.