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The aim of the three ochre paintings of 85 x 160 cm - 85 x
120 cm - 85 x 85 cm respectively which were executed for the
section with the large table was to create a dispersive effect.
The aim of the large blue painting of 85 x 232 cm for the
sofa section was to create a unifying effect.
The inspiration for the composition and colouring of the
paintings was derived from a number of sources: the
surroundings outside the room - water and cityscape - the
internal function of the place - a venue for negotiations,
planning and development of visions. The history of this
building made associations to one of the most important forts
in the Mewar region, outside Udaipur in Rajasthan, India:
Kumbhalgarh, where leaders, Maharajas, came together
in times of danger. Built in the 15th century, the fort is an
isolated and fascinating place. Elements from observations
in India are integrated in the composition of the picture.
Asiatisk Plads = Asian Square.