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“The essential question: What shall I paint?” gives one a
feeling of powerlessness. Gradually I have realised that no
matter how many ideas I have as to what I want to paint, the
completed painting is never what I planned to do. No matter
how many sketched compositions and forms I begin with,
they are not of the essence when I paint. I move elsewhere.
There is a constant process of composing, erasing and
limiting. Surely that must mean that a subject does actually
exist. I must be seeking something in particular, and so I must
actually know what it is I want to paint. I have realised that
I must continue along the path that the painting points out
to me. I am in fact under an obligation to respect something
other than my own will.
In my opinion there is a lack of ideological mythology for
the times we live in. The real world is not enough. Perhaps
my paintings help me in seeking a metaphysical world.
Any statement we make of a general and principle nature,
reaches far beyond the concrete reality and carries the idea of
another world. Perhaps it is this other world that my paintings
lead me to.
When I paint there is a connection with Nü Gua shaping
creatures in her own image. There is a connection to the
nourishment Ymer received from the udders of the cow, and
to the ocean formed by Ymer’s blood. There is communica-
tion with trees of wisdom. I can sit beside Buddha under the
fg tree. I can fow with the sands in four directions, talk to fre
and breathe with the wind. My thoughts are from the moon
and I fy with the birds to build a bridge and create order in
From this I deduce that I know what it is I paint.”
Anne, 2000
All paintings are made on handmade paper with pigments
and oil and vacuum pressed on canvas
Searching for Wisdom, 75 x 55 cm, 2000
Private collection
Buddha decided to remain seated under a fig tree until he
had solved the problems of suffering. Forty days passed
and enlightenment came to him. He became Buddha.
Indian Myth.