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At the beginning of time there was
neither Earth nor Heaven, only
an empty abyss, full of hidden
energy. Layers of ice and sparks of
fre mingled. Drops were formed
and the giant Ymer, in human
shape, came into being. Ymer
sweated as he slept, and a man
creature and a woman creature
grew under Ymer’s left arm. One
of his legs gave birth to a son with
the other leg. Audhumia, the cow,
was created when the frost melted.
Ymer gained his sustenance from
the udder of the cow. The cow
licked the salt stone and new men
were formed. They had sons, who
killed Ymer. From his body they
created the Earth, and with his
blood the ocean, rocks of his bones,
and from his skull the Heaven.
Nordic Myth
The Primeval Cow, 97 x 130 cm, 2000
Private collection