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In 2001 Anne Vilsbøll bought Mughal Palace Hotel in
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, with the purpose of establishing a
residence with an atelier for herself and other artists. Mughal
Palace functioned as a hotel until 2005, whereupon it was
totally restored and organised as an artist-in-residence place.
Today the name of the property is Makanne - a contraction
of the word makan, the Hindi word for house, and her own
Anne had realised that it would require far more time to
digest the overpowering stimuli of India. After her frst visit
she had been working on the basis of her drawings and
memories. “India has to become a part of one’s own world, a
part one has to speak with. To express new experiences takes
time. A new place enlarges one’s own world a little.”
She had realized that she needed the stimuli that India could
give her, and so she wanted to return again and again.