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“Without stories, mankind would have languished and dried
out, it would have perished without water.”
Cardinal Salviati in “The Cardinal’s first story“ by Karen Blixen.
“In connection with the project “Papir set Påny/ Paper
Revisioned” for The Art Centre Silkeborg Spa in 2001 I
collaborated with Indian miniature painters in Udaipur,
Rajasthan, India. As I had a dual role of both curator and
exhibitor, I decided to involve other artists in my own project.
I used the original function of the Art Centre Silkeborg
Spa as a hydra-sanatorium as the point of departure for
my project “Welcome to the Water Palace”, which revolves
around the images and associations that water may conjure
up. Everything consists of water - water ties the globe and
living beings together. Water brings life - without water, we
could not exist.
Good stories, folk tales, fantastic epics have always fascinated
me. Fairy tales inhabit a world of their own and the life that
unfolds in them is governed by the supernatural and poetic
laws of nature.
Painting is about joy. The better you master the technical
skills of painting, the less surprises you encounter. I want
to preserve mysteries rather than to resolve them. There
is unique inspiration to be found in this in the sense that
painting activity needs not be restricted to one’s own self, but
may in fact extend beyond one’s control and consciousness.
My own view of the world had to be united with someone
else’s expression. I have always found my voice - my artistic
expression - in the clashes between different geographical
cultures and histories. When you work with someone else, a
world of surprises and wonders emerges.
The idea of co-operating with Indian miniature painters
began to take shape in January 2000, when I decided to travel
to Udaipur in October that year to make plans for a working
process. The idea or intention was that my stories about
water and the images that I associate with water should be
A woman and a man are stand facing each other. They are naked. Their bodies are
filled with water. From each hole in the body water spurts as from fountains