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Water is rising and flooding the land. It reaches the point, where branches grow out from
the trunk. Instead of leaves you see squirrels.
You see a hand that rises from water. From the finger tips water is bursting.
You see a mountain as if through water. On the mountain top are two eagles with
human faces.
Everything is in uproar - the planet is ablaze - water boils over and everything flees in
the form of bird-like shapes.
passed on to a group of artists who would then make sketches
for miniature paintings on the basis of these stories. The
paintings were to form an ornament-like process stretching
across two large friezes. The friezes were to be assembled
to make associations to tile-clad bathing rooms - associa-
tions that would be created by small rectangular canvasses
with vacuum pressed elements attached to them. Since one
of the characteristics of miniature paintings is a delicately
detailed border around the paintings, the two friezes were to
have similar borders made of vacuum pressed saris mounted
on canvas. The miniatures were to form part of a huge
landscape constructed from vacuum pressed, handmade
paper made, alternately, from Indian saris and Daphne fbers.
Elements from the saris would be foating in the landscape
like particles in water.
A long and ancient tradition was to be used in a contempo-
rary manner, thus being adapted to its inherent image-related
aspects: the architectural composition of the image plane,
a diverse iconography that may both be read and viewed, a
rhythmical grammar of ornaments that will sometimes be
enforced with strict simplicity and other times with decorated
splendour. It was my intention to depict a world in which all
things created are animated, woven into a fabric of personal
metaphors, some fable-like, involving creatures, others
depicting Bosch-like achievements in a world of odd enjoy-
ments, hazy tales and strange references, focused details, built
as either vertical or horizontal landscapes. Metamorphosis
is the predominant activity, when one shape transforms into
Anne Vilsbøll, 2001
A selection of the 24 miniature
paintings created in collaboration
with Anwar Khan and Anil
Kumar Sharma.
Anwar Khan and Anne Vilsbøll, Udaipur 2001