Page 203 - Anne book

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You see a tree in the night. On the tree many half-moons
are hanging like bananas.
Everybody was starving. A tiny rabbit got an idea: make a
fire, he said to all the other rabbits. They did, and the tiny
rabbit jumped into the fire and got roasted. The other rab-
bits got food that evening. Ever since the picture of the tiny
rabbit has been sitting inside the moon.
It is a moonlit night. Out of the moon come a lot of
different animals: horses, elephants, tigers etc. and human
beings: men, women and children. They all have wings.
Some of the wings hold babies, who also have wings.
You see a woman and a man each holding a string with
a moon-shaped kite at the end of the line - the two kites
cover each other and become one kite.
You see the moon high up in the middle of the paint-
ing. Strings are spreading out from the moon. The
strings create a man and a woman, who play on each
other as if they were instruments.
You see a dark sky with many moons and stars.
Naked human beings are floating in the sky. Each of
them carries a stargazer trying to focus and find their
own moon.
Moon Series, 2002, are in the Makanne collection