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STRYNØ 1987-2002
In 1987 Anne Vilsbøll moved with her family to Strynø, a
tiny island in the archipelago south of Funen. They bought
the former doctor’s house, and a few years later, 1990-91,
Anne had her studio constructed in collaboration with the
architect Svein Tønsager.
Anne Vilsbøll worked with her art on Strynø between 1987
and 2002. The Strynø papermaking studio was ftted both as
a small craftsman’s workshop with all the necessary machines
for papermaking and as a painter’s studio. Over the years,
Anne had tools constructed, and she collected everything
that had to do with papermaking. Strynø Papermaking
Studio served as a centre for hand papermaking in Denmark,
attracting numerous artists from far and near who came to
learn and to experiment and also many groups of visitors
who came to have a look at the process.
Boiling, cleaning, shredding of fbers, imported from the
East or gathered on the island, in stamping machines and
the Hollander beater and then moulding from large cooper’s
troughs flled with water using many different, specifcally
designed moulds. Fibers were dyed, experiments were made
with vacuum tables, pulp sprayers, old printing presses and
much more.
The family home on Strynø