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“This small house is most of all a secret. On a fne day
it may be faintly visible from the mainland, but being
close is frst and foremost reserved for Anne Vilsbøll,
Steen Lundstrøm and their daughter Emilie.
The view is Anne’s contact with the mainland and thus
with the markets in which she sells her art on handmade
paper. The starting point for her exhibitions and work
in Denmark, Norway, China, the USA etc. is this house,
commanding a view over felds, ferry berth and water.
The workshop stands out as a straight and a curved line
in the landscape, a foor and a roof rising towards the
landscape, thus integrating the felds and the water into
the design.
Anne needs a simple and undisturbed place to work.
My job as an architect was to give her something more,
a view, a particular place, a place for dreams - and
The house is a beached ship. A body that is linked to the
maritime history of the island of Strynø and to Anne’s
need for moving away from her base now and then.
At the turn of the century Strynø had approx. 900
inhabitants. An island inhabited by travellers and the
ones who would wait at home. At the topping-out
ceremony, her neighbour, a retired sea captain, played
the accordion.”
Architect Svein Tønsager, Arkitektur DK, 6/1992
Steen and Anne in front of Anne’s studio, Strynø 1990
Anne in the studio