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“I make a sheet of paper. A totally new space
emerges from the water. The possibilities of the
world expand. The action is repeated. The newborn
space has no memory of a more fulflled state.
It is. Nothing is like it. Each single sheet is an inde-
pendent and new space. The sheets are not flled
out. They are naked, bare, empty. Emptiness is a
visual fction. A naked space, a blank sheet exists
because of an undefned presence. A sheet of paper
has a functional invisibility. It absorbs. Paper is not
paper, but something alive. The openness of a sheet
of empty paper implies an ability to expand. There
are no limits. No closings. Only intensive space. The
handmade paper has no defnitive edges. The paper
tells things, but demands nothing of the viewer. The
paper no longer needs the viewer for its measure-
ment. It is measured against itself. The paper is
presence. As soon as we notice an irregularity in the
paper, our attention amplifes it. If the irregularity is
enlarged and drawn onto the paper, the irregularity
makes sense.”
Anne Vilsbøll
Jørgen Ancher named the poem: “The Creed of Anne Vilsbøll!” in an
interview for the radio programme Kulturnyt (Culture News), 1996