Page 33 - Anne book

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Mosaico - Abaca wallpaper, Strynø 1989
Anne’s diary reads:
“The candle shaped wax melted under the fickering fame
dripping in spots onto the white tablecloth. The colours
shimmered and danced in the large rooms. The ice on the
surface of the sea was like the wax, foating in torn-up foes
that imperceptibly touched one another. The whole sheets
of ice had been crushed long ago, sharp edges polished and
smoothed out by the movement of wave upon wave. Small
spots of colour were dancing in the sunlight. The colours
formed fragments of lived life. Reminiscences of man-made
unbroken surfaces, eroded by the passage of time. A palette
of colours in all shades, arousing memories of the actual
things and their effect on one another as they were arranged
in a network of mutual relations and references, in patterns
and nuances.
The colours formed systems. The shades of the colours
created myriads of shapes on the foors, walls, ceilings, tables,
chairs. The light was dancing, the rooms singing. Shapes
were formed by colours. Surfaces were broken, contrasts were
striking. The contrasts lent the rooms a character of their
own. What had been broken came together in the room, in
the picture.”
Written during a stay in Italy, 1985