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One wall measures 250 x 150 cm, the sheets are formed of
Japanese fbers mixed with clay.
“Anne Vilsbøll had affxed paper sheets to large
transparent plates of perspex that hung from the
ceiling and divided the room. They fltered the
incoming daylight, and created a strangely story-like
atmosphere that interacted with the space, matching
the given proportions and patterns with their own
Art critic Torben Weirup
The exhibition building Overgaden is a former printing
house. The foor in the room that had been assigned to Anne
is quite distinctive. She chose to transfer the ornamental
pattern of the foor to transparent walls, which had the same
ornamentation as the foor, and to work with metal on some
of the walls as a symbol of metal on paper - cf. printing
house. Other walls were lit by defected neon light to stress
the effect of factory light.
Private collection