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Handmade sheets of paper had been attached to a double
glazing. Glass walls allow light to shine through, clearly
and sharply. Glass walls covered with handmade paper cut
the light down, softening it as they allow it to pass through.
The structure of the sheets refracts the light. The essential
character is brought out by the light, and a new atmosphere
of a different kind of growth is created in the inner space of
the hothouse. The sheets make up nine panels. Each panel
has its own cohesive colouring and structure. A hothouse is
shaped for weightless connection - a transparent interspace.
The character of a hothouse is brought out more clearly
allowing the handmade sheets to create transparent structures
that dance as the light is refracted.
Nine aquaria symbolised the earth material, from which
paper is created.
Installation in the Hothouse, 1988
Aquariums with pulp