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The handmade paper has been torn and glued on to the 27
glass panels of the folding doors, thus producing countless
formations and fgures, which change their appearance
with the changing light. The cross as a symbol stands out as
luminous watermarks.
The basic compositional element in the ornamentation is
the foor plan of the church, which has been transferred as
refections in the glass panels. The load-bearing walls of the
foor plan emerge as fxed starting points for experiencing the
organically organised myriad of life - like bridges connecting
the total impression. The glass panels stand out as an echo of
the interior of the church, forming a “thin layer of skin” that
embraces the room. The glass panels encircle the interior of
the church, thus creating an interspace between its internal
and external rooms.
The paper symbolises the ecosystem and contains a story,
which lets us to understand our own history. The philosoph-
ical aspects that may be associated with the nature of paper
are centred on the life of human beings from birth to death.