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The restaurant of the conference and course centre can be
subdivided into four smaller restaurants. This is done by
means of laminated sliding doors. 56 panels in all, each meas-
uring 394 x 115 cm. The laminated walls were cold and high.
The commission was to give each of the smaller restaurants a
character of its own.
The Vingsted Centre used to be a centre for sports. The com-
positions for the four units are based on the history and spirit
of the place. The choice for the frst unit was a swimming
pool. The walls were covered with paper in turquoise, reddish
brown and black colours. The second unit was composed like
a tennis court in nuances of reddish brown, white and pale
blue. The third unit like an athletics track in green and black.
The outdoor view was brought indoors. The fourth unit is
partly lined with handmade paper as in unit three, since these
two areas often function as one.
In order to make the walls seem lower in height, the sheets of
paper were made in long, rectangular shapes which were put
up in long, horizontal bands. The walls were painted from the
foor up to the height of one metre, so that the paper com-
positions stand out as horizontal pictures giving off distinct
tactile warmth.