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“As far as I know, no artist of our century has named her in-
stallations after a queen. Anne Vilsbøll calls her paper instal-
lations The Tower Bed of Queen Juliane Marie and Queen
Juliane Marie’s Desk. In this beautiful manner she expresses
her respect for one of Denmark’s most powerful queens, who
only visited Marienlyst Slot (Marienlyst Castle) for a short
period of time between 1767 and 1777 - and after whom the
castle takes its name.
You spontaneously come to think about H.C. Andersen’s
fairy-tale The Princess and the Pea when looking at the twen-
ty mattresses and the twenty quilts - all neatly and rhythmi-
cally arranged - and you sense Anne Vilsbøll’s pleasure in the
peculiar power and richness of paper. Anne Vilsbøll says that
the multiple layers are intended to symbolise layer upon layer
of lived historical time, and they are thus a picture of the life
of Queen Juliane Marie.”
Curator Mona Faye, Marienlyst Slot
H.C. Andersen’s “The Princess and the Pea” is inspired, by way
of several intermediate tales, by an old Indian tale cf. Politikens
Verdenshistorie Vol. 7.
The Tower Bed of Queen Juliane Marie, 380 x 90 x 160 cm, 1999
Aluminium, iron and handmade paper
Queen Juliane Marie’s Desk - 200 x 90 cm, 1999
Aluminium, handmade paper, swan quills