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An artists’ book project jointly produced by Sophie Dawson
(UK) and Anne Vilsbøll in a limited, numbered edition of 24
copies printed on handmade paper, made at the Museo Moli
de Capellades, Spain, 1992.
From its foundation the paper mill museum in Capellades has
been a “living” museum. One of its principal attractions is
the working mill, complete with the original eighteenth cen-
tury tool and machinery, where handmade paper is still made
by hand in keeping with the ancient traditions.
Vice Versa
Collection Royal Library, Copenhagen
“Paperworks”, the Westbrook Gallery, Atlanta, USA, prize winner
The massive water powered wooden stampers or “batteries de
piles”, used for pounding and refning the rags for papermak-
ing, inspired the theme of “Vice Versa”. The iron spikes or
“Claus” from the stampers were used to print a sequence of
images and to draw attention to the Catalan words for the old
tools in the mill.
The “banc de fretar” was used as a model for the book bind-
ing. The book contains 24 loose paper sheets measuring 20 x
35 cm bound between wooden covers.