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La Illusion Verde
Collection Royal Library, Copenhagen
A limited edition of 24 copies, signed by the artists and printed on paper made at El
Molino del Manzano, owned by Vicky and Pablo Sigwald, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The text is set in New Baskerville and printed by Alfonzo Argussi, Buenos Aires.
12 folded sheets of handmade paper. Each sheet of paper contains the treasure of a
short story and photo illustrations - all related to the life at El Molino del Manzano:
Fondo de la Legua - El Mar de Leon - Los Caballos - El Molino del Manzano -
Flores Naturales - Las Mascaras - Los Loros - Los Gatos - Las Ranas - el Huevos
Sophie Dawson and Anne Vilsbøll working at El Molino del Manzano in
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1993