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“In the interspace between the crushed roots and the new
landscapes. Landscapes are pulled up by their roots, the
felds are laid waste, the roots are crushed and split, the
arrangements are knocked down, the portraits are pierced,
all tangible objects are removed from their frames, spaces
are fooded, stems rot, the smell seeps through the walls, the
boiling-out process consumes the starch, the ravaged land-
scapes are shattered, the sound penetrates the walls, the mass
is kneaded, nature’s palette lies wasted in a bucket. Everything
is different.
I paint the water. Transformed landscapes are lifted from
the water. I paint the writing on the water. The picture is
somewhere between the writing and the water. The particles
of the writing of the water blend into each other. Lines
jut out from the background. Surfaces stand out. Earlier
shattered landscapes re-emerge in the structure of the
The symbiosis of cultures is manifested in the form and the
colouring. New landscapes are pressed out of the previously
fooded spaces. The fusion of time and space is re-inserted
into the frames. The memories are assimilated.”
Anne Vilsbøll, 1992
Detail of Sisters of Strasbourg